Zoom in / out button - Shortcut needed

Zoom in / out button works nice with working nodes.

We need a shortcut for it.
How about Ctrl + +/- like photoshop?

(btw I love this 3d viewport rotating panning style - modo style)


Hi, do you mean zoom in/out for rendered model or for selected nodes please? Currently, +/- is already shortcut for increase/decrease node radius, is that what you mean? (BTW, thanks for the sponsorship :slight_smile: )

I mean “2D canvas - Nodes with Reference Sheet”

When nodes are close each other, zoom-in-button is very useful but I have to click it everytime.
So i asked for.

(panning with spacebar is working nice)

Oh, I see, zoom-in with mouse click, there is a zoom origin position(The mouse clicked location), I am not sure how to choose that position with shortcut, maybe use the window canvas center?

Yes, canvas center or last-selected node.
Panning is already quick with spacebar, so easy to move.

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