Wacom Tablet Support

I just downladed Dust3D and it seems like a great promising tool, however there’s still a feature that would love to have. Configurable shortcuts and tablet support.

Right now is impossible to use due to the use of a wacom tablet / cintiq, without access to a mouse there’s no way to control the diameter of the spheres. Is there a wishlist that we can add this to?

Thanks in advance


Hi @cgmodeler Thanks for the suggestion, having wacom tablet / cintiq supports would be great, but I guess it should be scheduled after 1.0 stable version been released, or someone is interested in this feature and would like to make a pull request.

There isn’t a wishlist, but you posted to the right place, this forum is the place to share works done in Dust3D and discuss new features, also there is an issues page you can post.

BTW, your homepage looks amazing.