Some Suggestions and other Stuff! :)


Yes, but Dust3D is new ^^
I finally got my wings in Blender done. This was very diffcult for me to understand. I needed 3 times for the positions of the feathers, but finally (FINALLY) i got it done :wink:
I had everytime problems, but now they are looking good for me and i learned how to create this. This is it:


I decided to show my dragon, which has a new texture with bump maps:

This dragon is 1-2 years old. I made him with Sculptris from Pixologic.


Thanks for sharing, I guess you are using the skin modifier in blender, keep going!


Hi @huxingyi.
Hi everyone.

I’m really glad Dust3D have improved so much since a few months ago when I tried it the first time.
I was able to create my first Rigged model!! (not without help of @huxingyi anyhow).

I believe that another feature that does not add complexity to the software, but actually makes it easier to create animations is to have Onion Skinning, I’m not an expert, and I’ve seen that only in 2D (in Godot), but I guess it would be possible in 3D too.


Onion skinning is amazing, and it is very matching with the pose editor of Dust3D, I will add this feature to the pose/animation system in the near future. Thanks!


I’m glad to hear that.
I am working with Godot and so far it works greatly with it (apart from a small issue with textures on the godot side).

Oh, by the way, another great thing to have would be (to me), and I’m not sure if it’s possible with a rigged model, to be able to separate it into multiple surfaces.
Maybe is already implemented and I just don’t know how it works.


Could you explain more details about multiple surfaces please? Especially what is it and how it will be used in Godot.


Sure, actually, I may have used the wrong term, I’m referring to the nodes you can see here in blender:

As you can see in the right panel there are some nodes, I can decide to hide one, for example:

When I import that into Godot I can use those nodes as separate material, so that I can customize them within the engine:

Here with skin changed:

My idea was that, as you already can create separate elements, instead of merging them into a single mesh, do have them separated as it is in Dust3D, or otherwise merged into groups.

I can go more in detail if you need.


Thanks for your detailed explanation, I got what you mean, actually, this function was in my first implementation of glTF export, then I changed to export only one part. I will change back to export the mesh as separated, currently I am working on a new feature which could allow user to customize the cut face, currently only square or octagon, after finish this feature, I will implement your suggestion, thanks!


Hey huxingyi,
sorry for my last inactivity, i had much to do. Are there any new news about Dust3D? And how are you?
I’m trying to get Dust3D work for me. The other thing is “UPBGE”, which i’m using now. Do you’ve heard of it? They made a fork of the blender game engine to keep the engine alive - I’m going to use UPBGE for my games. Sure, there is another one (Armory3D) but UPBGE is really good. Therefore it would be nice to work with it and Dust3D, because of Dust3D’s lowpoly stuff :wink:


Hi @Ethael, I am working on a new feature of Dust3D, this feature will heavily improve the quality of generated mesh’s topology, (I guess). I haven’t heard of UPBGE, looks great, if they supports fbx and glb format assets, that would be no problem with Dust3D, if you encounter any problem please let me know. Thanks!