Some Suggestions and other Stuff! :)


Hi huxingyi! :slight_smile:
First, i must say GREAT WORK with Dust3D my Friend! n__n
Second, i have some suggestions… and some stuff that i found!
The way your software works is GREAT, i see that you wanted to make it really simple to make possible to create 3D Models REALLY FAST!
Could you make a option to work with it like ZSpheres? I mean, to make the model appears as you are going adding Parts of it! :slight_smile:
Since your Program is based on the B-Mesh Paper i found some links that maybe can interesting to you…
Here is a GitHub link of some ppl that worked on a Standalone Application Implementation of B-Mesh code.

I dont know if there is some code that you can use in Dust3D, i dont even know if this is Open-Source code… Anyway, for sure you understand of this more than me. :wink:

Here is a Link of a Forum that says more about the Application(the language of the forum is French).

Hope the links can help you with your work(even if with just a little), GOOD LUCK with your WORK and THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS to help People to MODELING FASTER!!! ;D


Thank you very much, your linked stuff is very informative, I will look into the details with google translator:-)
Btw, your post is very welcome and appreciated, this is the stuff I want discuss with people, thanks!

Could you explain more on this please? you mean make the generated mesh more subdivided and smooth?


Here is a Link of a Forum that says more about the Application(the language of the forum is French).

I just read the thread by google translator, very informative, thanks,
As show in the thread, there are three rows of demo, the first row is what achieved by following the B-mesh paper, the second and third rows are what he did in Wings3D,

Two years ago, when I began to implement Dust3D, it also start by reimplement the B-mesh paper, here are what I got back to that time,

The work done in Wings3D looks very inspiring, I will think of it how Dust3D can benefit from this.
Btw, currently, in Dust3D, if the part self-intersect, the preview will disappear, please refer to this thread for more details.


You are VERY MUCH WELCOME, huxingyi!!! ;D
Im REALLY GLAD that you LIKE it my Friend!!! :slight_smile:

When i said if it could work like ZSpheres, is like this im talking. :wink:

Or this…

Is like you are going just adding Balls and the geometry goes Wrapping it forming the Creature or Object! ;D
Its more like your Application looks at the beginning of your implementation of the B-Mesh paper or like the Github App Looks at the two first Screenshots of it! :wink:

Nicholas Bishop is a GREAT PROGRAMMER that worked with Blender some time ago, and he did the video above to show how was the progress of the B-Mesh(in Blender Called Skin Modifier…) implementation in Blender at that time! :slight_smile:

Nicholas had problems with the implementation of the code too, the code had problems with some kinds of geometry and was creating holes all the time… :\

Maybe the code…

…at GitHub have some equations implemented that cold solve some of this problems… n__n

Maybe you can compile the code at GitHub to see if it works any good? :wink:

Some other good features to have on it too…

Anyway, there are INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, even if you you could interest in make Dust3D a Full Featured 3D Application, like with Sculpting with Dynamic Topology Papers…

With Quad Remeshing…

And More… and more… ;D


Hi, @Trevor thanks for assembling all these together, very helpful, I have read all the blog posts you linked of Nicholas, I remember all the problems of mine as he was trying to fix, such as the hole issue. He did good job. Dust3D goes in another route different than skin modifier, the most important concept of Dust3D is the combination of deformable B-mesh result, I removed subdivision from the implementation of B-mesh algorithm, that makes it easy to produce sharp edges. The mesh generating of Dust3D definitely need more polish work.

About cs224final, when I was implementing the B-mesh algorithm, I did read his code, I remember I starred this repo two years ago, it’s a good reference.

Several months ago, I tried to integrate instant-meshes to Dust3D for remeshing the result, it’s not as good as it demonstrating, it need many manual adjustment and there are some edge cases, however, it looks promising, I will keep an eye on it.

Actually, I am not very happy with current result of Dust3D, so it’s still in Beta, I hope it can achieve my target in 2019, so I can release the final 1.0 version.

Keep update what you found, very appreciated!


Hi huxingyi,
first of all, your software is really nice. The first time i opened it i hadn’t discovered the features, but now - woah, it’s really simple and powerful, exactly what i’ve looked for. I’m coming from Blender and i really like the skin modifier and i heard also from the zspheres in ZBrush. I think the idea from Trevor is good, but well, dust3D is unique ^^
I hope i can show something in the next time.
I found Dust3D on the news of 3D Ring, this is a german site for especially 3D art.
Thanks for this good software, i think i’ll need it in the future :wink:

Edit: One small thing: I have some problems with the 3D view of the model. Do u can create an external window or a better view for it? I’m using Win10 maybe there is an problem.


Hi, @Ethael thanks!

Did you tried to use the middle mouse to zoom and rotate it? also hold SHIFT to move it with middle mouse button, you can also manipulate it with ALT key if you are not using a mouse.
Btw, here is a shortcuts list.


Sorry for my late answer. Yes i tried it, but recently i have always problems with this. I dont know how big the size of the preview is. Would be nice to have some borderlines for it :wink:


Thanks for your reply, recently, I received some suggestion from twitter about the preview also, I record it here for reference

Currently, the preview size is not related with the final output model size, the final model size is determined by how big your node’s radius regarding to the canvas.
Maybe we can show a reference grid ground or bounding box, let’s see how zbrush does this, Dust3D has the similar 3D view with it.


Yes, to have the preview behind the Canvas would be a good idea. I’m currently testing the trial of ZBrush, ZSpheres are really usefull. Creating a basemesh with this is no problem :wink:


I watched a lots of youtube videos to see how other people use ZBrush, but I never try it myself, I don’t know there is a trial version, thanks for let me know that. Currently, busy on removing CGAL from the codebase, will try ZSpheres by my self later.


The trial is for 45 days and you must be online to use. You have all functions inclusive export, but use it for commercial things isn’t allowed. I use other freeware like “Dilay Sculpt” and “Meshmolder” and they are trying to implement some ZBrush functions. Meshmolder has ZSpheres already, but now it has a low cost for the pro version (just 2 $ donation). I used Meshmixer from autodesk, too, but i don’t like the ui ;D
I like it when developers of such programs try to implement the best things (ZSpheres, Remesh, Auto UV Unwrap etc.) and also try new things (like yours). :wink:


Both “Dilay Sculpt” and “Meshmolder” looks like sculpting software, now I have new things to try :grinning:
Sometimes, new things just come with inspiring. I found a book in store last year, and bought it, not for it’s text, but for the demo images show through the book,


Those block-like-characters are my original target, I guess Dust3D have achieved this target.
Now I have another target,

I hope Dust3D can auto generate this level of details of mesh, this is my new target, however, looks very difficult :laughing:


Wow, nice pictures. Really lowpoly, but it looks incredible for that polycount. I need to become as that good in Blender. Hm, i’ll need to go to Youtube and watch tutorials for such models. The UV Mapping on that lowpoly is really easy, and for games, best. You have much to do for your target :wink:


Good luck, share your progress and if you find some tutorials that making this good of lowpoly and shows a pattern which could be programmed repeatedly, please must post here :grinning:


Do you mean my Blender-progress, too?


Yes, anything related with 3D modeling are welcome :clap:


Okay sure, i’ll do that. I like it to share my screenshots and/or objects :wink:


Woa… Im really HAPPY to see that lots of conversation(and IDEIAS) HERE!!! =D
Glad you like my idea Ethael! :slight_smile:
GREAT too see that your application is attracting lots of People, Jeremy! n__n

Im looking into find more Papers and stuff to help you in your Journey! ;D


Thanks! It’s still very quite here, but we are not in hurry. Let’s keep this place informative about 3D modeling!