Sell low poly assets on Unity and Unreal marketplace

Do you think digital sculptors would buy low poly models made with Dust3D to use in an artistic workflow?

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I don’t know, but if it’s a bundle which contains all the models required by a game, it should be interested by someone.

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There’s a proven market for low-poly assets, especially in bundles, given high enough quality. The marketplaces on Unity and Unreal attest to that, as do smaller indie undertakings such as the assets store and smaller players such as Bitgem.

I’d say Dust3D is already capable of making >50% of the premium low-poly assets for sale. And probably at a faster pace than any alternative once you’ve become comfortable with the new modeling paradigms in Dust3D.

Most of the remaining >50% will be covered once Dust3D does basic animation. Judging by this tweet I’m happy to see that thought is going into this problem space :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I hope I can conquer this procedural walk/run/attack/… animation generation soon.