Pre-rendered assets


There’s a way to export models to pre-rendered sprites in Dust3D?

In Blender you can export animations to a sprite sheet. This is very useful when working with games with 3D pre-rendered graphics.

Do you plan to so support this feature?


You mean render it as a sprite sheet using fixed camera orientation? Not yet, I was planned to do so two years ago, at that time, I thought I can use it in my 2.5D game, but now I think it’s not need anymore, if I want a 2.5D game, I can fix the camera in the game, it should be much easier to do it in Unity or something. Could you share what’s your use case please, thanks!


Yeah, exactly this. I plan to make a 2.5D game and I need to render 3D models as 2D sprites.

But this isn’t a big deal. I can just export my models made in Dusk3D as glTF and render them in Blender. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this modeler, I will certainly use it in my next projects.


I am not sure if blender support importing glTF binary format(.glb), welcome post your progress here, I already see other people want to do the same thing as you, maybe many people will be interested. Thanks.


Blender 2.8 beta already supports it.

There’s also an addon for older versions:

I rendered some models and didn’t have any problems. :slight_smile:

I will try to post some stuff here after I learn how to use Dust.