Parts window unusable


Just installed Dust3d today but the various menu windows are unreadable. They have very very tiny icons that are very dark grey on black such that I cannot tell what anything is or click them and wait for the surprise!

How do I adjust the view of the content in those windows to make the parts icons etc larger and easy to see?

Win 7 Pro/64


Hi, currently, there is no setting to adjust the icon size, could you take a screenshot please?


This is what I see at this moment. Earlier prior to posting this I could see very faint tiny icons that did produce parts but had to just click on what amounted to specks of dust just to see what I might get.


Thanks for sharing your screenshot, there are many people with high resolution screen complains about the icon and font size. However, I don’t have such a device to feel it. If I can get a suggestion screen, show that what other software’s button looks like compare to Dust3D, that would be very helpful.


Here is screen shot from MeshLab Not sure how this helps because with at least a hundred different programs D3D is the only one with this issue. All others never a problem with button icons.


Thanks, I will look into it!