Once I go certain shape, my preview disappear?


I am really really noob in modeling, so I guess I am doing something dumb I want to create simple human like
once I am adding parts the preview disapper:

step 1(good):

step 2(no preview):

I tried it 3 times


If preview disappear, that means there are self-interesting. Try not create too much branch from one root, instead, create multiple different parts.
Actually, it’s not your problem, currently, the software does’t give useful tips when the mesh couldn’t be generated successfully.
If the preview is there, after you move some nodes or add some nodes, the preview disappear, then you should undo the steps, or try to adjust the positions of problem nodes until you see the preview again.


There are more examples here, you can download use this link and extract the “.ds3” files.


Hi, I have released 1.0.0-beta.14, which includes the fix of useful tips when mesh failed to generate.
Thanks again.


thanks, will test it up