New features ideas for Dust3D

Hi, I have some ideas for Dust3D:

  1. Add AMD Radeon ProRender (Physically-based path traced rendering engine)
    AMD Radeon ProRender

  2. Enable plugins development.

  3. Add tessellation, HDR and PBR.

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Thanks, all these are advanced features which should be implemented in the future.

  1. Currently, the preview render is PBR but lack some features so the metal material will look much dark than it should be. Embed a third party render such as AMD Radeon ProRender is a great idea, and I presume it’s open sourced? I haven’t investigate it yet, change the preview render is huge load of work. Especially, because current UI system is built on and tightly bind with Qt. But this is definitely the direction for the future.

  1. Support plugins is also a must have feature. Any details you want elaborate? For example, what functions do you think currently are lack in the main software and could be included as plugins?

  2. for Tessellation, HDR and PBR, do you mean on the render phase or modeling phase? Would like to know more details. Currently, the materials of .glb and .fbx exported from Dust3D follows the PBR workflow, and the materials can only be specified by part, in the future should be possible to extend to direct material painting.

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  1. Yes, AMD Radeon ProRender is open source, there are plugins available for some platforms, but developers who want to integrate the rendering engine into their software need to download and learn how to use the SDK.

  2. I think that a plugin to import Dust3D models into Unity and Unreal Engine is very useful, because people prefer simplicity. The Unity and Unreal Engine communities are very large.
    For example:
    "AssetGen - Create a game asset in a single click"
    AssetGen description

This new function of ZBrush is very powerful: "Makes it possible to convert any gray-scale image (alpha) into a 3D model. The source images can be modified or combined through Boolean-type addition or subtraction to create even more complex 3D shapes."

  1. The tessellation to recalculate the polygons after finishing the modeling like MeshMolder. HDR and PBR for the rendering like Marmoset Toolbag.
    The tessellation
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About AssetGen, looks like it automatically generate different LOD and other infos for game engine, and got it somehow hot reloaded in the game engine. This feature indeed could and is very suitable for implemented as a plugin.

About the gray-scale image converting to model, in Dust3D, the deforming map for each part is similar to this function, but is very lightweight compared to the zBrush demo.

The tessellation is remeshing for my understanding from the video, I haven’t dig into this area yet. Because we can take advantage of the nodes info to get a better generation instead of remesh it afterwards.

Marmoset Toolbag looks very beautiful.

The info you provided is very helpful.

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