Imbalanced left and right limbs, Type animal only?

Hello. So i am trying to model my first character in Dust3D. Now as i want to rig it, the tool tells me that i have “imbalanced left and right limbs”. Also, i am only able to select the type “animals”. Not human or anything else. Any advice?

Hi, you are supposed to mark single node for each mark. Please check the Meerkat example model from File / Open Examples as reference.

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Thanks for the answer. I got another problem. I did some animations on my human character, saved and closed Dust3D. Now, when i open the file again, Dust3D crashes after a couple of seconds.

Could you share your .ds3 file here please?

Hi, looks like you add a pose in a motion, but got it removed later. I have replace the non-exist pose for you ( The software will be fixed in next release. Thanks!