How about #abundleeveryweek

Continuing the discussion from Jeremy HU #10minuteseveryday:

Following the #10minuteseveryday of Dust3D has been delightful and very encouraging! Dust3D has long since proven itself as a highly capable low-poly modeling tool. It’s exciting to see some focus shift over to animation at this point.

I would like to suggest a tweak to this practice you’ve adopted, without adding almost any additional work to your plate: Every week, spend those 10 minutes to make a model that’s gonna be part of a bundle.

Something along the lines of this:

You’ve already touched on this approach:

…just without a focus on cohesion.

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Hi, @erlend_sh Thanks for the suggestion, the idea is very good, actually, I tried this approach for one or two weeks I guess, the problem is, find proper reference images for both front and side view is a challenge, most of my everyday modeling time is spent on looking for reference images. Find references for a bundle is even harder. Anyway, I will try to follow your advice and make all the models everyday kind of related, but I am not promising I can make it a bundle, and one bundle every week is mission impossible :grinning:

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