Dust3D Trailer 2019


Hi, just saw the trailer - very well done :wink:
Dust 3D is making a good progress. Sorry again for my inactivity, my pc had graphics problems, but i made a keyblade and other things in blender before that. Maybe i will show it here.
What i want to add: Dust 3D has now realtime bool tools? Looks very good. That makes Dust 3D strong in my mind. Some of your tools are really unique to other modeling programs. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks, yes, Dust3D supports realtime boolean, all the parts are combined automatically.

Hey, that’s good. You added much stuff, it’s time to try it out again for me :wink:
I think I need to watch one of your videos to get started. Do you have a suggestion which one I shall use?

I recorded my daily modeling progress here, you can pick anyone to start.

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