Dust3d suggestion


first of all great work i love it i’m in the process of testing
some feedback:
can you make it behave like zsphere or skin modifier in blender its much ease to use and the user can edit everything in the 3d viewport.


Hi, thanks and welcome! I have been shocked by your work done in skin modifier of blender here https://blenderartists.org/t/a-new-skin-modifier-implementation/652847/21 20

So, you mean a 3D viewport to manipulate the node? Or manipulate the final generated vertex?

Could you explain more details please, I haven’t use zsphere before, also not very familiar with skin modifier although I did get to know the Bmesh paper from it.

Also looking forward to see your work done in Dust3D!


For me the best way is like in blender you see and edit everything in the 3d viewport checks this tutorial https://youtu.be/ezZjV6yfbbE


Here is another video


Thanks for the videos, but these videos doesn’t demonstrate how to make a polished model, I mean, a model like yours, if you could record a video demo how you use skin modifier to make a model, let’s say a bug, just like you did before, that would be very helpful.


The video is not about how to make a model but the way to use the skin modifier everything in the 3d viewport i will make a video explaining the interaction but your implementation I think can make more accurate model than skin modifier


It is hard to port the app to ios I think this will be a more pleasant with the Apple Pencil


Dust3D depends on CGAL, it doesn’t support iOS platform currently. I was trying to reimplement the same function which I used of the CGAL library, but it take much time to finish and I don’t think I can achieve the same quality in the near future.