Dust3D runnable on less-powered machine?


This question might sound somewhat strange - maybe

but I would like to know if Dust3D is a “heavy” program and uses much resources and needs an high-end pc.

I’m using a pretty low-end device with Intel HD graphics for - yes 3D Game Development - and it does indeed actually run pretty well - even Blender eevee runs smoothly and without overheating with a few mid-poly models in material preview.

I’ve heard about Dust3D recently and I would love to try it out - but I’m somewhat afraid that my device can’t handle it.
It does look, from what I saw, that Dust3D’s renderer is like Blender eevee in Solid mode - which runs extremely smooth.

I’m not really asking for a detailed list of system requirments, but a comparision like - if you can run that, you can run it aswell would also be enough.

Thanks for any answer in advance. ^^

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Hi, if your computer could run Dust3D rc.6 smoothly, then it should be ok with the modeling and motion editoring. However, the PBR materials preview is not fully supported on a computer without OpenGL Core profile support. You can check from the About window of Dust3D, if you can see “core: true”, that means it’s fully supported. Even without core profile support, only the preview may be afffected a little bit, but the exported FBX/GLB/OBJ files are independent with the system.