Dust3D Indie Game Asset Contest (Preparing)


Who am I?

My name is Jeremy HU, I am a computer programmer, since last two years, I have been working on a 3D modeling software as my side project, the project opensourced on github and released 1.0 beta recently.

( Dust3D screenshot, models made from Dust3D and render in Unity )

What’s this?

It’s an indie game asset making contest, planning to schedule in every three months (Four times per year). Each time, a subject will be given, such as lowpoly island environment. All result models should be made in Dust3D software exclusively and hosted on github, free to use for commercial purpose. If you feel the software failed on the target of speed modeling, please drop your kind advices to our forum, very appreciated. BTW, please share your work done in Dust3D to forum to help the software become better, thanks.

Why should I care?

The target is for making Dust3D better suit for indie devs, so that, indie devs can reuse the contest results or make their own easily by following the exist abundant examples. In another words, this could fix your game asset making pain.

How are the contesters been awarded?

I have opened opencollective to rise money, pending approval yet, not sure how much money will be collected, every THREE month, I guess at least $1000 US dollars should be raised to award the winner. Besides, the winner will be recorded on software website permanently. (Currently, all money collected will go into this contest, I have a day job, which could support me continue on the development of Dust3D during my free time.)

What about if you didn’t collect enough money or no body submit?

Then the contest delayed until enough award money is ready, or the deadline delayed until enough works submitted.

Who judge the work?

Everybody, work should be submitted to github, github stars will be used to judge who’s the winner. If more than one people have the same stars, then they share the award money.

How can I help?

Join the contest or support the contest in any kind.
Tell all indie devs, there is a modeling software made for them, and there is a contest for polishing the quick modeling software is planning.
Follow my twitter to get the contest news updated!


If you want show your logo on the contest webpages, or want help in any kind, please PM or email me (huxingyi at msn dot com).

Any advices for setup this contest is welcome and appreciated, thanks!